The digital landscape is about to become much more fragrant and flavorful with the announcement of the first Metaverse Wine Week, set to kick off on November 20, 2024.

Bergamo, May 22, 2024. Vanilla Innovations Inc. is pleased to announce the start of preparations for the organization of the first Metaverse Wine Week.

Metaverse Wine Week, or MWW, stems from the experience of “EWMC,” the first conference dedicated to wine – tourism – metaverse which, in two editions (2022 and 2023), successfully captured the attention of media, experts, and enthusiasts in the sector.

The name may change, but the goals remain the same. Therefore, this year too, experts in communication, technology, marketing, branding, web3, tourism, wine, and much more will take turns on the virtual stage of the “Stephenson Hall” to educate and inform the audience about new trends, winning strategies, and best practices in their respective fields. A unique opportunity to deepen knowledge, exchange ideas, and seize opportunities for professional and personal growth.

And then: masterclasses, exhibitions, music, and immersive experiences will enliven the virtual realm under the Enoverse brand with the aim of creating a winning combination of work and fun, transforming business centers, virtual wineries, exhibition areas, and floating terraces into a grand celebration dedicated to the world of wine.


The Metaverse Wine Week represents a fusion of technology and tradition, offering a unique experience to wine lovers and professionals worldwide,” said Fabio Sarti, CEO of Vanilla Innovations. “By leveraging the power of the metaverse, we can transcend geographical boundaries and create an engaging environment where participants can deepen their knowledge and appreciation for everything related to wine and wine tourism.


Highlights of the Metaverse Wine Week include:


Virtual Tours: Exploration of iconic virtual wineries such as Auriga Mountain Winery and the virtual headquarters of the Consorzio del Buttafuoco Storico. All comfortably from home with a computer and monitor, smartphone, or Meta Quest 2.


Interactive Tastings: By purchasing wines in advance, either in mini-bottles of 100 ml or normal bottles of 750 ml, it will be possible to taste some truly special labels guided by sommeliers and industry experts.


Exhibitions: Inside a completely renovated eighteenth-century palace in a modern key, some works by Andrea Fumagalli, aka Andy Bluvertigo, will be exhibited in what promises to be an unprecedented fusion of Pop Art and Wine.


Conference: Two days of conferences and workshops on topics such as the decline in wine consumption among young people, the drastic drop in the effectiveness of social networks in reaching the audience, and much more.


Networking Opportunities: Being present at the Metaverse Wine Week means connecting with other wine enthusiasts, industry professionals, and virtual reality enthusiasts in a dynamic and interactive virtual environment.


For more information and to register for the Metaverse Wine Week, visit


Vanilla Innovations, Inc.